Chocolate Biscuit Recipe

Simple wholesome chocolate biscuits recipe

Try this basic recipe for fail-safe chocolate biscuits every time.

Make a batch of chocolate chip cookies for an emotional pick up, get the kids to help for added success, adapt it to include fruit or almost any other goodies in the pantry.

Ground almonds are the most popular flour used in gluten-free baking but swap to wheat flour for ‘nut free’ bake sales for selling at school fetes.

Time : About half an hour.

Chocolate Biscuits Ingredients

½ lb. icing sugar
2 oz. powdered chocolate
vanilla essence
2 oz. ground almonds
whites of 2 eggsHow to make chocolate biscuits:

Pound the almonds and chocolate and mix them well with one white of egg. Add the sugar, vanilla essence to taste, and enough of the second white of egg to form a smooth paste. Put the paste into a lined saucepan, and, stirring all the time, heat until the mixture is lukewarm. Now, using a piping bag, force out small fancy-shaped biscuits on a tray which has been previously greased and floured.

Let the biscuits dry for three or four hours, and then bake them in a cool oven until crisp.